Title: "ANARCHY"

By: Filmdok - Nijmegen, NL

Stuck at Home 48 - Challenge I (Movie Lines)
Family Film

After a few weeks of quarantine a family checks out a new strategy of living together: ANARCHY

So.. just one question: What happens when children - and their parents - are allowed to do for one day whatever they like? No rules, no requests.. just sparetime for everyone. Watch and enjoy :) ‘ANARCHY @home’ is made for a special edition of the 48 Hour Film Project. People all over the world - living in quarantine - were allowed to join. They had to make a film within 48 hours, without leaving their homes and without working physically together with others than their housemates. And like every 48 Hour Film Project some lines of dialogue were required. In our case: 1: 'Don't forget your brother' and 2: 'What we have got here, is a complete failure to communicate'. Made by Louise Verbree en Lotje Kerckhaert (www.filmdok.com) Music: Niek Lucassen