Title: "The Close Encounters of Amélie (Quarantine Edition)"

By: Galactive - San Jose, CA

Stuck at Home 48 - Challenge II (Trailer)
Amelie (Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain) Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Entranced after finding a box of alien crystals, Amélie turns life upside down for her family, unseen life forms, and quarantine breakers.

Hailed as: "utterly captive - ating", "a rip off of two joyously amazingly films", "a dazzling underachievement", and "a socially-distanced journey that you'll hope to forget." From the disconcerting imagination of writer-director Jeff Klaben, comes the film unlikely to be nominated for any Academy Awards. Dozens of critics might have called The Close Encounters of Amélie one of the best pictures of the year (under different circumstances). Last time, Amélie took our breath away. Let's hope she doesn't do it again. Entranced by alien forces and weeks of quarantine, Amélie imagines an other worldly adventure to help others …or at least to finally leave her house. Now comes The Close Encounters of Amelie - Quarantine Edition. The masterpiece that could have started it all! Featuring a solitary retrospective on the good old days of outdoor film making; with newly declined interviews and never to be seen footage. The first time we knew … "We are not alone" - but really should be.