Title: "Lake Monster"

By: Rigatoni Productions - Nashville, TN

Stuck at Home 48 - Challenge III
Mockumentary a Computer Name of Team Member's Grandparent - Ruth Evis Celebrating 20 years Talking on the phone or Counting

She's waited 20 years for this

Every 20 years, in the small town of Hendersonville, TN, a mysterious lake monster emerges from the unknown. Irene Evis was the first person to spot it in 1940 and she insisted, until the day she died, that she had captured it in a photograph -- the only known photograph of the creature. Her and her entire family were ridiculed by the community for this bizarre claim. Now, in 2020, her great-granddaughter, Ruth, has set out to clear her family's name once and for all by proving that this creature does, in fact, exist.

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