Title: "Delivery for The Brahma"

By: Socially Distant - Cleveland, OH

Stuck at Home 48 - Challenge IV

A delivery girl from earth meets the god of creation Brahma in Sathyaloka.

This is a comedy film based on a mythological character named Brahma. Brahma has four heads. one of his head is having some problem in adjusting with others. So Brahma decided to change that head. Brahma ordered it from the earth. Brahma; The god of creation is getting a prosthetic head delivered from the earth. The delivery girl looses her way to Sathyalokha where Brahma lives. She asks for Brahma's help. Brahma listen to her prayer and helps her to get in there. The conversation of Brahma and the delivery girl is the key concept of the movie. This movie portrays a very humanly god to create comic effect.

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