Title: "Quarantrims"

By: Tiny Explosions - Des Moines, IA

Stuck at Home 48 - Challenge III
Action / Adventure a Computer Russell Catanzaro (TV Repairman) Connecting Stirring or Counting

A custodian happens upon a goldmine of quarantined video callers desperate for guidance on how to cut their hair.

Jimmy Filbby is a custodian cleaning up a closed barber shop when he hears a video call ringing out on a computer. At first he answers the computer only to tell the caller barber is out of the shop as it is closed, but then that caller offers to pay for haircutting advice. Discovering he can make a quick buck, Jimmy starts "helping" callers with worse than questionable haircut guidance. After some good laughs, Jimmy's virtual barbering takes a turn he wasn't expecting.

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