Title: "Entranet Dimensia"

By: Yo'z Moon Production - Houston, TX

Stuck at Home 48 - Challenge III
Martial Arts a Computer ANTENNETTE NASAN Celebrating 20 years Stirring or Counting

20 years of built up prophesies, myth, and lore lead to a mission cross dimensions of internal dementia to save one life, or millions.

Faced with destiny, a young female martial artists follows the path she has trained for all her 18 years of life: to place a mythical rectangular, yellow box in a distant Torii found on the 'otherside.' She is visited by a looming thunder deity that affirms her mission to traverse into the land of the unliving to fulfill her destiny or be conned by the entities trying to stop her. She travels through dense forests, encounters bridging tow collectors, and fights through powerful supernatural beings rooting her way through a computed system of interconnecting worlds, crazed by the endeavors of the unknown: Entranet Dimensia.

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